Responsible Gaming Playamo Casino

You can set self-deposit limits in the section “Responsible Gaming”.

The minimum deposit amount will vary depending on the player’s jurisdiction and chosen payment method. Visit the “Deposit” page for additional information.

Third party deposits are not allowed; therefore, all payments into your account must be made from a payment source in which you are the named account holder. In case of any inconsistency, Energy reserves the right to request the necessary documentation in order to carry out the required checks. The investigation may also lead to the voiding of winnings.

Energy reserves the right to request a photo of the account holder with a valid ID and a note specifying the date and time.

Withdrawals at Playamo

Information relating to withdrawal methods is included in the “Withdrawal” section of the website.

Any expense related to withdrawal requests, if applicable and explicitly announced on the website, shall be charged to the receiver.

Withdrawals of winnings, or parts thereof, will be paid out upon request by the player. Please note that only the first withdrawal of the week is free of charge. A fixed fee of €5 (or currency equivalent) will be applied to all subsequent withdrawals during the same week. The minimum withdrawal amount may range between €10 and €20 (or currency equivalent), depending on the player’s jurisdiction and selected currency. In case of account closure, the player has the right to withdraw the balance in full, regardless of the amount. The maximum withdrawal amount is determined by the chosen payment method.

The account holder’s personal data in their gaming account and bank account (or for any other payment method) must correspond. Energy reserves the right to request further documentation, as proof of identity, as well as additional verification of the payment method in question. The withdrawal will not be processed until Energy receives the requested documentation, while the balance will be credited back to the player’s account in the meantime.

The maximum withdrawal amount per day is €5,000. For the user’s protection in any 24-hour period, the user may only withdraw the maximum amount of €5,000 unless a larger amount has been agreed by prior arrangement.

Withdrawals from a user’s account Playamo Online Casino can only be addressed strictly to the person registered on the account and as per the conditions specified on the Energy website.

Withdrawals can only be paid out to the same account and payment method from which user’s deposits have originated. By following a “closed-loop” policy (ensuring that payouts are made back to the same method as the inbound funds originated), Energy complies with “EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive”. However, there are some occasions where this closed-loop system is impossible to enforce. Whilst ensuring compliance with the “EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive”, Energy is also obligated to ensure our user’s needs are served. Furthermore, sometimes technical and/or policy reasons are beyond our control, therefore some payouts cannot be made in this fashion. In these cases Energy goes to all required lengths and beyond to verify an alternative account owned by the individual player. Our Payments Department runs a full assessment of the case and makes the final decision as to whether a payment outside of a “closed-loop” policy will be performed.

Once a withdrawal request is submitted, it can take Energy up to three (3) business days to process the request. However, Energy will do its best to process withdrawal requests immediately.

Funds cannot be withdrawn from a user’s account unless those same funds have been wagered at least once. Please be informed that a ten per cent (10%) administrative charge, with a minimum fee of €10 (or equivalent in another currency) from the last deposit, may be applied for payout requests referring to amounts deposited with Energy which have not been used at least once for playing. Before such payout can be approved, it has to be assessed and confirmed by the Payments Department.

Fees And Charges

The amount that is displayed as the user “payout” is net of fees. Accordingly, the “payout” amount will be the exact amount deposited into your account. However, sometimes an additional fee during the withdrawal process may apply, usually, but not only, related to the withdrawal request, if applicable and explicitly announced on the website.

The base currency in Energy’s software is EURO, but the account balance of the user may be displayed in another currency. The user can choose other currency than EURO for his/her user account, but the user must be aware that sometimes the payment process in such a user’s account may be subject to an exchange rate when changing payment amounts into Euros. Please note that any exchange premiums are payable by the user.

Users may choose to close their account at any time. In such cases the user is requested to send an email at Playamo Casino; customer care will proceed with the account closure and confirm to the user that such termination has taken place. For the user to claim funds from a dormant, closed, blocked or excluded account, the user must contact Energy by email At Playamo Online Casino.

Statements will be issued on a quarterly basis, and fees will continue to accrue pursuant to the auto-renewal terms and conditions should the user fail to provide required (30) day written notice of termination at Playamo.

The user expressly authorises Energy to collect any account fees due and owing pursuant to these terms and conditions by debiting the user’s credit card on file, or by debiting the user’s Energy account.

Please be informed that an administrative charge of five per cent (5%), with a minimum fee of €10 (or equivalent in another currency), will be applied on the remaining balance if the player does not complete the required KYC within 30 days.

Gambling while under the age of 18 is a criminal offence, and we take our responsibilities to prevent access for those under the age of 18 very seriously. Energy reserves the right to request proof of age documentation from any user at any time and any winnings will be confiscated if on completion of age verification the customer is shown to be underage.

At Energy, we encourage our users to enjoy gambling in a responsible manner. However, we do recognise that gambling can become addictive and may lead to problem gambling or even addiction for some people. In order to ensure users play responsibly, we offer a range of tools that can be used to control play, such as different types of limits or short breaks. For more information, please see our Responsible Gaming page.

In order to set or manage the Responsible Gaming limits, the user must log in to their Energy account. If a user finds that controlling their play with the available tools is not sufficient, we recommend that they consider a break or self-exclusion.

Self-exclusion enables a CLIENT to suspend themselves from using our services.

We have the following effective periods available for self-exclusion:

(a) 24 hours

(b) Three days

(c) One week

(d) 30 days

(e) indefinite period

In order to exclude for an indefinite period, the user will be requested to contact us directly.

It is the responsibility of the user to adhere to any self-exclusion agreement, though we are happy to help by blacklisting addresses and devices where possible (please note, this is not always possible due to technical restrictions).

The effectiveness of any self-exclusion agreement depends largely on the commitment of the user to manage their own behaviour. An exclusion will be most effective if a user agrees not to attempt to register again. Please be advised that exclusion should not be intended to function as a replacement for user’s managing their own behaviour or as a full guarantee to stop the user from further gambling.

During a self-exclusion period, every attempt will be applied to prevent the user from creating a duplicate account, and any account detected with a clear link to an account under self-exclusion will be closed upon detection, and any remaining unused balances returned to the original depositing source.

A written request must be submitted to customer support, should a customer wish to cancel a self-exclusion or reopen their account. Please be advised that Playamo reserves the right to keep accounts closed or deny a reopening request, in order to maintain the safety of a player, as per the decision made by our Responsible Gaming Department.

By accepting our terms and conditions, you acknowledge and confirm that you are not excluded from our service. Therefore, no deposits, losses or winnings will be owed/refunded to you if associated with a fraudulently created additional/duplicate account, except for remaining unused balances from deposits, which will be refunded in full. To fully investigate such cases, Playamo Responsible Gambling or Fraud Departments are entitled to request additional forms of documentation such as but not limited to, ID in hand and phone/voice verification.

By playing games or using the gambling services at Energy, you acknowledge that you are playing games based on, or betting on events that are subject to, luck and chance and that through the use of the service and/or software, you are subject to the risk of losing money. Thus, you accept that any losses suffered are the sole responsibility of yourself.

Our websites include links to external third-party organisations and information that may be helpful to problem gamblers in need of further assistance from professionals. If a user feels that they might be developing a gambling addiction or problem, we encourage them to consult these organisations. Please also contact us directly should you feel that gambling has affected your life in a negative way or recognise that you have any gambling issues. In order to protect the wellbeing of those affected by problem gambling who are in a critical situation and are expressing suicidal thoughts to our agents via direct communication, we reserve the right to contact relevant local authorities to seek immediate action.

Please note, “idle time” is reached after 40 minutes of no activity, at which point users will be logged out automatically. It is the responsibility of individual users to maintain the security of their accounts by making sure that no one else has access to their passwords or login details. We recommend that users always log out if their device is potentially accessible by others, especially minors or those with known gambling problems.

If at the time of requesting self-exclusion there are still outstanding bets, where the result is not yet known, such bet/s that subsequently win will have winnings sent once the event has been settled.

If the user has a reason to believe that a person under the age of 18 years is accessing our services, please contact us immediately. Our support team can be contacted via email: [email protected] or through LiveChat via our website.

Please be advised that all sensitive data related to problem gambling or exclusion has to be collected and kept on records to carry out our statutory functions related to affected individuals.

Energy monitors all communication channels and thoroughly reviews all submitted documents. Based on the information provided or communicated by the player, Energy reserves the right to suspend the player’s account if the player exhibits signs of problem gambling.

Inactive Accounts at Playamo Online Casino

An “Inactive Account” is an account that has a real-money balance and no bets recorded for six (6) consecutive months (180 days).

Before your account is labelled Inactive, Energy will contact you via email 30 days in advance. You may reactivate an Inactive Account by logging into that account and placing a bet.

Once an account becomes an Inactive Account, Energy will charge five (5) EUR or equivalent in account currency: 5 GBP, 5 USD, 5 CAD, 5 NZD, 25 PLN, 25 BRL, 50 NOK, 400 RUB, 400 INR, 1500 HUF, 1250 JPY, 5000 CLP, 25 SOL every 30 days as an administrative fee to your account, as long as there is a positive balance.

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