Hit more Gold! with Bonus at Playamo Casino

Unleash pure Aussie excitement with Hit more Gold! at Playamo Casino! Dive into a gold rush adventure with striking graphics, electrifying soundscapes, and riveting characters. Uniting heart-pounding thrills with a unique, exhilarating twist, this slot guarantees a dazzling gaming experience for every Aussie gambler!

Playline Description

Hit more Gold! slot boasts an innovative 243-ways-to-win system, shattering traditional paylines! This groundbreaking setup ditches rigid lines for a dynamic grid that grants wins for matching symbols anywhere on adjacent reels. This means endless winning possibilities with each spin, creating a pulse-pounding rush as winning combinations emerge in unexpected patterns. It's a game-changer that keeps the excitement high and the rewards flowing. Get ready to revel in a gaming revolution that maximizes your chances and amplifies your thrill!

Symbols Types

Hit more Gold! slot dazzles with a cast of captivating elements and features that elevate the gaming experience to new heights! The Wild Prospector symbol embodies excitement, substituting for others to complete your wins. The Scatter Dynamite triggers explosive Free Spins, while the Gold Nugget Bonus symbol unlocks an exhilarating bonus round where you uncover hidden treasures. Watch for the unique Random Feature, which can strike on any spin, unleashing a rush of excitement with added Wilds or Scatters.

Paytable and Payouts

Wild ProspectorWild2xCoin symbol
Scatter DynamiteScatterN/AFree Spins
Gold Nugget BonusBonusN/ABonus Round
High-Value IconsRegularVariousCoins
Low-Value IconsRegularVariousCoins

How To Bet For Playing

When selecting your bet type and size in Hit more Gold! slot, consider your playing style and budget. For cautious players, a smaller bet provides longer gameplay, while adventurous players might opt for higher bets to maximize wins. Balance is key – choose a bet that allows you to comfortably play multiple rounds without depleting your bankroll too quickly. Adjust your bet size wisely to savor the gold rush thrills and extend your gaming excitement!


  1. 243 Ways to Win: Experience the exhilaration of unconventional paylines! This feature replaces traditional lines with a dynamic grid that rewards wins for matching elements on adjacent reels, boosting your chances of striking gold.

  2. Wild Prospector: Unleash excitement with the Wild Prospector symbol! It substitutes for others, doubling your wins when part of a winning combination, and leading you closer to glittering riches.

  3. Scatter Dynamite: Trigger explosive Free Spins with the Scatter Dynamite! Land three or more to unlock this bonus round and blast your way to potential big wins.

  4. Gold Nugget Bonus: Unlock the treasure trove of the Gold Nugget Bonus symbol! Dive into a captivating bonus round, where hidden treasures await your discovery for a chance to increase your rewards.

  5. Random Feature: Brace for the unexpected! The Random Feature can strike on any spin, showering you with extra Wilds or Scatters, intensifying the rush of the gold rush adventure!

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