Burning Sun with Bonus at Playamo Casino

Unleash your inner fire with Burning Sun slot at Playamo Casino! Set your spins ablaze with electrifying graphics, scorching sound effects, and immersive characters that sizzle with excitement. Uniquely igniting the reels, this game sets the new standard for thrill-seeking Aussie gamblers. Feel the heat, spin the win!

Playline Description

Burning Sun slot blazes with a scorching array of 25 paylines, weaving a tapestry of winning opportunities across its reels. From left to right, these paylines ignite with fervor, promising exhilarating combinations that burst forth with prizes. Each spin holds the potential to align symbols in captivating patterns, illuminating the path to massive wins. Whether you're a daring gambler or a cautious spinner, these paylines offer a red-hot adventure where fortune dances across the reels with every mesmerizing spin. Get ready to chase the sun's glory and bask in the rewards it brings!

Symbols Types

Within the scorching realm of Burning Sun slot, a symphony of captivating elements awaits. The fierce Wild blazes onto the reels, substituting for others in its fervent pursuit of winning combinations. Unleash the Bonus Scatter symbol to ignite the Free Spins feature, where the sun's power shines even brighter with retriggerable spins! Keep a watchful eye on the Special Expanding symbol, for it engulfs entire reels with its fiery presence during Free Spins, enhancing your chances of spectacular victories.

Paytable and Payouts

WildSpecial2x1000 coins
Bonus ScatterSpecial-Free Spins
Expanding WildSpecial-Free Spins
Character 1High-paying5x to 250x3 to 5 symbols
Character 2High-paying5x to 200x3 to 5 symbols
Artifact 1Mid-paying2x to 75x3 to 5 symbols
Artifact 2Mid-paying2x to 60x3 to 5 symbols
Playing Card ALow-paying1x to 20x3 to 5 symbols
Playing Card KLow-paying1x to 15x3 to 5 symbols

Winning Combinations

  • Wild Firestorm: Witness the reels engulfed in flames as Wild symbols align, substituting for others and doubling your wins with a 2x multiplier. Feel the heat as you secure up to 1000 coins with this scorching combination!

  • Free Spin Frenzy: Unleash the Bonus Scatters to unlock the Free Spins feature, where the sun graces you with retriggerable spins, promising thrilling possibilities and prizes that intensify with each spin.

  • Expanding Eruption: Experience the reels erupt in excitement during Free Spins, as the Expanding Wild engulfs entire reels, maximizing your chances of massive wins across the scorching grid.

  • Charismatic Characters: Align the charismatic characters on the paylines to unlock multipliers ranging from 5x to 250x, illuminating the way to substantial rewards that increase with each fiery character combination.

  • Blazing Artifacts: Discover the power of blazing artifacts, aligning them in sequences of 3 to 5 symbols to unlock multipliers between 2x and 75x, letting the sun's energy enhance your payout potential with each successful spin.

Special Options

  1. Wild Ignition: The Wild symbol sets the reels ablaze, substituting for others and doubling your wins with its 2x multiplier, creating a fiery path to substantial payouts.

  2. Bonus Sunburst: Unleash the Bonus Scatter to trigger the exhilarating Free Spins feature, where the sun's power rewards you with retriggerable spins, intensifying the excitement and boosting your chances of big wins.

  3. Expanding Inferno: In Free Spins mode, the Expanding Wild erupts to cover entire reels, igniting a blaze of winning potential as it magnificently multiplies your chances of hitting thrilling combinations.

  4. Character Charisma: Charismatic characters grace the reels, bestowing multipliers from 5x to 250x upon alignment, offering a dazzling display of winning possibilities that escalate with each character pairing.

  5. Artifact Alchemy: Blazing artifacts aligning in groups of 3 to 5 symbols unlock multipliers ranging from 2x to 75x, infusing your spins with the sun's power and setting the stage for scorching wins beyond imagination.

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